Coal plays a key role in the global energy economy. In numerous countries, it represents the dominant energy source used for electricity generation. Moreover, coal also has significant potential for chemical utilisation e.g. for the production of methanol, ammonia, oxo-alcohols, transportation fuels etc. Following the successful conclusion of our 2015 conference which focused on the development of coal-to-liquids (CtL) technologies, we will be widening the scope of the next conference to include the entire coal value chain from mining to conversion and utilisation

The forthcoming event will address a wide range of issues linked to the potential for alternative developments for coal as well as challenges and opportunities for coal in the global energy economy. The 8th International Freiberg Conference will provide a high-level discussion forum to facilitate the exchange of information and expertise between political, industry and scientific stakeholders. Participants are expected to come from diverse fields and industrial branches ranging from researchers and specialists engaged in fundamental and applied R&D to industry experts from coal producing companies as well as equipment and technology providers/manufacturers.

Studies and new developments by researchers and technology developers as well as current or planned projects and operational experiences by plant operators related to innovative coal value chains shall be presented. Topics for presentations include:

  • Fuel preparation and upgrading (e.g. drying, feeding and deashing),
  • Low temperature conversion processes (e.g. extraction, torrefaction and pyrolysis),
  • Upgrading of low-temperature conversion products (e.g. tar reforming),
  • Coal conversion (e.g. characterisation, reaction kinetics),
  • Gasification/co-gasification (for solid, liquid and gaseous feedstock),
  • Underground coal gasification,
  • Mineral matter characterisation and behaviour,
  • Synthesis gas treatment and synthesis technologies,
  • Carbon dioxide capture, storage and utilisation,
  • Combined cycle and gas turbine developments for IGCC and polygeneration,
  • Coke production,
  • Direct liquefaction of coal,
  • Integration of coal and renewables for chemical storage,
  • Concept evaluations and flow sheet simulation,
  • Numerical modelling of conversion processes,
  • Perspectives from industry (e.g. coal mining organisations, technology developers),
  • Public acceptance, trends and global boundary conditions (economic, regulatory and political) for fuel conversion to chemicals, transportation fuels and electricity,
  • ....


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