Technical Tour – ROTTERDAM

THURSDAY 28th September 2023

There are no more places available for the Technical Tour Rotterdam.

 Technical Tour ROTTERDAM
 08:00  Departure from nhow Hotel Rotterdam
 08:00–08:30  Bus Transfer to N+P
 08:30–10:30  Technical Tour of N+P
 10:30–11:00  Bus Transfer to Plant One Rotterdam
 11:00–13:00  Technical Tour of Plant One Rotterdam
 13:00–13:30  Bus Transfer to Value Maritime
 13:30–15:30  Technical Tour of Value Maritime
 15:30–16:00  Bus Transfer to nhow Hotel Rotterdam

First Stop: N+P Rotterdam MRF
Address: Waalhavenweg 50, 3089 JJ, Rotterdam


Founded in 1992, the N+P Group specializes in the production and supply of waste derived alternative materials for various industries. Since its founding, it has worked on supplying alternative raw materials to substitute primary materials and contribute to cheaper and cleaner production processes. It is one of the most innovative and pioneering companies in the field of waste derived alternative fuel production and supply, and is leading the way to new concepts to substitute fossil fuels with non-recyclable paper and plastic waste fractions.

N+P’s mission is the utilize the value of waste to reduce the global carbon footprint. Its vision is to become the global leading company in decarbonizing major industries by turning waste into value. The visit to N+P’s facility in Rotterdam will enable participants insights into how Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) play an integral role in the recovery of high-quality recyclates to replace primary resources and fossil fuels for production.


Second Stop: Plant One Rotterdam
Address: Havennummer 5210, Merseyweg 10, 3197 KG Botlek, Rotterdam


Plant One Rotterdam is where innovation meets business. It is a knowledge and innovation center where companies build, test, produce and validate their processes and products on a semi-industrial scale. By providing companies with the needed space, utilities, logistics, permits and services, Plant One Rotterdam provides companies with promising innovations the necessary expertise to start the upscaling of their technology in a safe and responsible environment, and reduce their time-to-market.

Multiple processes and technologies by established companies as well as new ones, from multinationals to start-ups, are being validated at this location in the Port of Rotterdam. Companies that are currently housing in Plant One include Pryme (chemical recycling), Enerpy (radiolyse), EDSG (CCU), H2CIF (liquid Hydrogen) and Ioniqa (Circular PET). During the visit to Plant One Rotterdam, conference participants will be able to view circular chemical factories of the future, all lab facilities as well as interact with technical engineers who are working on future-oriented solutions.


Final Stop: Value Maritime onboard CO2 Capture and Storage Facility
Address: Galileistraat 32f, 3029 AM, Rotterdam


Value Maritime is a young maritime technology company based in Rotterdam. It has developed the world’s first onboard CO2 Capture and Storage solution for the Maritime Industry. Its system is based on an innovative and patented technology to remove CO2 from the vessels exhaust gas. The CO2 is used to charge Value Maritime’s CO2 Battery; an onboard storage facility which can charge and discharge CO2 infinitely. The charged CO2 Battery will be offloaded in ports and transported to CO2 customers (e.g. agricultural sector) who “re-use” the CO2. After CO2 discharge, the CO2 Battery returns to the vessel, to be recharged with CO2; A 100% circular solution!

With the installation of Value Maritime’s CO2 Capture Module and CO2 Battery, Value Maritime is the first company worldwide to install a capture and storage facility onboard of a vessel in operation. Class Bureau Vertitas is involved in the relevant approval of the system. Value Maritime will start loading and offloading the CO2 Batteries at the Rotterdam Short Sea Terminal to discharge the batteries at greenhouses in Rotterdam Area, who will re-use the CO2 to grow their crops.

During the visit to Value Maritime, conference participants will learn more about their onboard CO2 Capture and Storage solution for the Maritime Industry. Provided the system is available during the visit, participants will also be able to have a first-hand look at their Filtree system with integrated CO2 capture feature during the visit.