Advisory Board

Members for IFC 2023


 Name Country

  Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions

 Dr. Matthias Müller-Hagedorn Germany


  Martin Gall Germany

 Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry (CRIEPI)

 Makoto Kobayashi Japan

 Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research   Organisation (CSIRO)

 Dr. Daniel Roberts Australia

 East China University of Science and Technology  (ECUST)

 Prof. Fuchen Wang &
 Prof. Guangsuo Yu

 Energy and Environment Research Center (EERC)

 Jason Laumb USA

 Fraunhofer IKTS

 Prof. Alexander Michaelis Germany

 Gas Technology Institute / Stellenbosch University

 Prof. Johan C. van Dyk USA / South Africa

 Higman Consulting GmbH

 Christopher Higman Germany

 Institute of Coal Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences (ICC CAS)

 Prof. Jin Bai China

 Institute of Energy and Fuel Processing Technology

 Prof. Aleksander Sobolewski Poland

 International Centre for Sustainable Carbon (ICSC)

 Dr. Andrew Minchener United Kingdom

 Istanbul Technical University

 Prof. Hasancan Okutan Turkey

 Linde Group

 Dr. Lars-Erik Gärtner USA

 LydondellBasell Industries Basell Polyolefine GmbH

 Jens Becker &
 Andreas Neumann


 Dr. Jens Hannes Germany

 Shell Global Solutions International B.V.

 Dr. Guus Van Rossum & 
 Dr. Dominik Unruh

 The Netherlands

 Singapore NTU

 Prof. Grzegorz Lisak Singapore

 Synfuels China Technology Co., Ltd.

 Prof. Yong Wang Li &
 Prof. Yong Yang

 Technical University of Denmark

 Prof. Markus Reinmöller Denmark

 University of Alberta

 Prof. Petr A. Nikrityuk Canada