Topics for Oral and Poster Presentations:

Presentations at the 12th International Freiberg Conference will focus on innovations and developments relating to the circular and low carbon economy. Topics range from chemical recycling, green and low-emission chemistry, climate-neutral hydrogen production to synthetic and e-fuels production. These include:

(1) Feedstock & Treatment

  • Carbon sources and their characterization
  • Feedstock preparation for conversion processes
  • Low-temperature conversion processes and mechanisms

(2) High Temperature Conversion Processes

  • Gasification, its kinetics & ash/slag behavior in gasification
  • Pyrolysis and its kinetics & heat/material balances
  • Electrification of chemical conversion
  • Plasma integration
  • Alternative hydrogen production
  • Modeling by CFD and process chain modeling

(3) Downstream Processes

  • Gas treatment & cleaning
  • Pyrolysis oil upgrading
  • Syntheses
  • Carbon products
  • CO2 management
  • Utilization of by-products

(4) Low Carbon and Climate-Neutral Value Chains

  • Power-to-X
  • Low-carbon energy carriers & synthetic fuels
  • Intersectoral collaboration
  • Networks & initiatives
  • Project overview

(5) Modeling

  • Process chain modeling
  • CFD modeling

(6) Multidimensional Assessment

  • Techno-economic evaluation
  • Ecological evaluation (e.g., LCA)
  • Political and regulatory framework conditions
  • Societal/public acceptance

Organized by

ICCAS – Institute of Clean Coal Technology
SKLCC – State Key Laboratory of Coal Conversion