TU Bergakademie Freiberg – Institute of Energy Process Engineering and Chemical Engineering


zThe TU Bergakademie Freiberg was founded in 1765. It is the German University of Resources focusing on education and research along the whole value chain of mineral and energy resources from exploration, mining, conversion and beneficiation to recycling. This specialization is reflected in the  profile of the university: Geo, Material, Energy and Environment. The International Freiberg Conference is organized by the Institute of Energy Process Engineering and Chemical Engineering (IEC). Not only is IEC the biggest institute in TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Saxony; it is also the leading institution in research and development activities relating to large-scale gasification processes in Germany.

The research at IEC is carried out under two chairs:

(1) Chair of Energy Process Engineering and Thermal Waste Treatment: is focused on the efficient and sustainable use of primary and secondary carbon resources such as coal, oil, natural gas, biomass and wastes/residues. The objective is the development and optimization of innovative and new technologies for the sustainable chemical conversion and utilization of carbon resources. The goal is to close the carbon cycle and to include all carbon resources in a circular carbon economy.

(2) Chair for Reaction Engineering: address fundamental and applied aspects in the field of exhaust gas purification, CO2 abatement as well as production of synthetic and biogenic fuels. A particular feature is the knowledge-based development of advanced catalytic materials and chemical processes. These activities cover a wide area of research ranging from preparation and physical-chemical characterization of catalysts, in situ/operando spectroscopy, kinetic modeling to reactor and process engineering.

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East China University of Science & Technology – Institute of Clean Coal Technology (ICCT)


Institute of Clean Coal Technology (ICCT), an institute of East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST), was found in 1995. There are 19 faculties including 8 Professors, 7 Associate Professors now working in ICCT, mainly focusing on both the fundamental and applied research of coal gasification and the high-efficiency conversion of natural gas/shale gas, petroleum coke, biomass and other carbonaceous materials.

ICCT carried out systematic fundamental study in the fields of multiphase impinging flow field, impinging flame structure and temperature distribution, multiphase and turbulence reaction process simulation, dense phase powder pneumatic convey, etc. ICCT has successfully developed the Opposed Multi-Burner (OMB) gasification technology. So far, ECUST’s OMB coal-water slurry gasification technology with the coal capacity from the range of 750 to 4000 t/d has successfully achieved the industrial demonstration and operation, and has been applied in 57 industry projects and 158 gasifiers, among which 74 gasifiers in 28 projects are currently running smoothly. Besides the OMB gasification technology, SE dry feed/CWS coal gasification technology was jointly developed by SINOPEC and ECUST, and the demonstration plant with a capacity of 1000t/d built at Yangzi Petroleum Co., Ltd has been successfully started up in January 2014. In addition, the non-catalytic partial oxidation technology has been also applied to 8 projects.

Synfuels China Technology Co., Ltd.

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Synfuels China Technology Co., Ltd. is the leading global technology provider for Fischer-Tropsch (FT) Synthesis. Our FT technology is utilized in numerous coal-to-liquid (CTL) plants in China, including the biggest plant of its kind in the world to convert coal to diesel in Ningxia (4 million tons per year). As the co-organizer of the 2015 International Freiberg Conference on IGCC & XtL Technologies in Hohhot, China, we are very happy to once again host international experts and guests for the upcoming 2020 conference which will be taking place in Shanghai, China. We look forward to sharing with you the exciting ongoing developments in the field of sustainable chemical utilization of carbon resources at the next conference!