Technical Tour 1: Ningxia
19 & 20 September 2024

Limited places are available for the technical tour. Availability on a first-come first-served basis.

During the technical tour to the China Energy Ningxia Coal Industry Group situated in the Ningdong Energy Chemical Industry Base (Ningxia, China), participants will have the chance to experience the world’s largest indirect coal liquefaction plant. At 4 million tons of synthesis oil and chemical products per year, this world-class Coal-to-Liquids (CtL) facility – equipped with 28 entrained-flow coal gasifiers and 8 Fischer-Tropsch synthesis slurry bubble column reactors – was commissioned in 2016 and running at full capacity since 2020.

Additionally, participants will also visit the first commercial methanol to propylene (MTP) plant in China which was commissioned in 2010 and operating at full capacity since 2012. With a designed capacity of 474 kt/a propylene and 20 kt/a ethylene, the plant consists of 3 Lurgi MTP fixed-bed reactors and 5 GSP entrained-flow gasifiers.

Come join us in Ningxia for a first-hand experience of state-of-the art Coal-to-X production in China! The schedule for the (all-inclusive) tour is as follows:

 Date Time


 Thursday 19.09.2024 From 12:00pm*
  •  Flight from Shanghai to Ningxia
  • Bus transfer from Ningxia Airport to hotel
  • Dinner & networking evening
  • Overnight in hotel
 Friday 20.09.2024 09:00 – 22:00*
  •  Breakfast in hotel
  • Bus transfer to Ningdong Energy Chemical Industry Base
  • Technical tour of CtL and MTP facilities
  • Lunch
  • Bus transfer to Ningxia Airport
  • Flight from Ningxia to Shanghai

*Approximate timings for the technical tour. Actual schedule for the technical tour (including flight timings) will be communicated directly with participants who have registered for the technical tour.