Technical Tour 3: Shanghai

The Institute of Clean Coal Technology (ICCT) – an institute at the East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST) – was established in 1995. ICCT-ECUST currently has 25 scientific staff focusing mainly on fundamental and applied research of entrained-flow gasification. The scientific work covers a wide range of critical research areas, including multi-phase flow dynamics, high-temperature and high-pressure gasification reactions, non-catalytic partial oxidation of methane-rich gases, biomass hydrothermal carbonization, and comprehensive numerical modeling and system simulation of the gasification process. Over the past three years, the ICCT-ECUST has successfully granted more than 140 projects and published over 200 peer-reviewed papers, underscoring their commitment to advancing the field of clean coal technology.

ICCT-ECUST is the developer of the highly successful Opposed Multi-burner (OMB) gasification technology. To date, the OMB coal-water slurry (CWS) gasification technology – with a coal capacity ranging from 750 to 4,000 t/d – has been successfully demonstrated and licensed in 70 industrial projects with 202 gasifiers. Of these, 129 gasifiers in 47 projects are currently operating smoothly. Additionally, ICCT-ECUST has also developed and successfully demonstrated the OMB dry-feed gasification technology, SE dry feed/CWS coal gasification technology as well as the non-catalytic partial oxidation technology. Today, these technologies are been widely adopted for industrial application. Besides, ICCT-ECUST has also developed the biomass and/or municipal solid waste (MSW) gasification technology, and a pilot-scale MSW gasification facility has been constructed.

ICCT-ECUST is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in research and innovation, and in contributing significant advancements towards sustainable energy solutions. Come join us in Shanghai for a site visit to -ECUST to experience ICCT’s R&D activities live with their experts! The schedule for the technical tour is as follows:


 Time Activities
Monday 23.09.202413:30 – 16:00*
  • Bus transfer from Conference Hotel to ICCT-ECUST
  • Introduction of ICCT-ECUST gasification technologies and discussion
  • Technical tour of lab- and bench-scale facilities as well as visit to ECUST’s museum

*Approximate timings for the technical tour. Actual schedule for the technical tour (including bus timings) will be communicated directly with participants who have registered for the technical tour.